FemiLift VascuLife LipoLife

from Yulie Klerman
Company Name: Alma Lasers
Product Categories:
  • Medical
  • Distributor
  • Sales Agent
Target Markets:
  • Asia Pasific

The Product

Femilift - CO2 laser. The leading solution for optimal feminine wellness at any age. FemiLift helps providers offer innovative solutions without surgery, anesthesia or excessive downtime. 


LipoLife - Lipolysis and fat grafting. Laser assisted lipolysis is one of the most requested aesthetic treatments worldwide. LipoLife offers practitioners a way to achieve superior results and reduced treatment times in a single outpatient procedure.


VascuLife- EVLA procedures. VascuLife offers the ideal wavelength and a radial emitting diode for effective, accurate treatment of great and small saphenous veins (GVS, SSV).

The Opportunity

Distributors/Sales Agents

The Company

Alma Lasers is a global innovator of laser, light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets. Alma Lasers has been at the forefront of multi-technology systems, revolutionizing existing treatment methods and working to serve the varied and growing needs of both patients and practitioners around the world.

With offices, R&D and manufacturing facilities on three continents and distributors around the world, Alma's mission is to provide modular, cost-effective and high-performance systems based on the very latest clinical research and cutting-edge technology. We enable practitioners to offer safe, effective and profitable aesthetic and surgical treatments to their patients, while allowing patients to benefit from the capabilities of state-of-the-art, clinically proven technologies and methods.