Personal Video

from Simone Gampel
Company Name: Creative House Group
Product Categories:
  • Software & SaaS
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
Target Markets:
  • North America
  • Western Europe

The Product

Customer communication has moved beyond just sending a generic message to all your customers - they expect brands to treat them as individuals. Based on a smart template incorporating customer data, Creative House's personalized video uses technology that can automatically generate millions of individual videos to be sent to customers' email, mobile, or online account.

The Opportunity

Creative House Group has built a network of partners who have become local leaders in engaging customers by video for major brands. Presenting highly innovative solutions in their portfolio, backed by Creative House’s training and marketing methods, they have succeeded in positioning their business as experts in the digital sphere. Our partners worldwide have gained more customers, projects, revenue, exposure and success

The Company

Creative House Group is the world leader in personal video creation with unique video technologies serving leading brands worldwide. Insurance companies, finance, utilities, telecom, loyalty clubs all benefit from the ability to communicate with their customers in an engaging way using creative video concepts and technologies. Together with our international network of partners we have created hundreds of video projects in more then 25 languages on all 5 continents.