Smart Walkie Talkie

from Zhou Wenhan
Company Name: Smart Walkie Pte Ltd
Product Categories:
  • Software & SaaS
  • Distributor
  • VAR
Target Markets:
  • Worldwide

The Product

BadgePing is a wearable walkie talkie that provides Nation Wide Push To Talk for mobile workers.



- Nation-Wide Walkie Talkie

Talk to your staff no matter where they are. Powered by VoicePing App


- Instant Voice to One or a Group

PTT button on BadgePing. Quickly get everyone together when time is of the essence.


- Wear Anywhere: Lanyard or Clip to Shirt

Choose to either wear as a Lanyard or a Clip to Shirt.

Keep working and talking without technology getting into your way.


- Loud Speaker

​Way LOUDER than Smartphone Speakers. Get the attention of your co-worker even in noisy environments.

The Opportunity

Distributors for B2B Walkie Talkie/Smartphone Service

Product: Walkie Talkie Service (


Target Industries: Logistics, Field Work, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Healthcare 


Your revenue source will come from 

1) Recurring SaaS revenue (Walkie Talkie App)

2) Recurring SaaS revenue (Industry Specific Apps)

2) Recurring Data Revenue

3) Maintenance & Repair of Hardware


LTV of a company with 10 users will be $3,600


Your responsibilities will be 

1) B2B Sales and Marketing in your region.

2) Setup & deployment of Service

The Company