TripleCheck report

from Nuno Brito
Company Name: TripleCheck
Product Categories:
  • Sales Agent
Target Markets:
  • North America
  • Western Europe

The Product

Given the source code for a software product, our tooling investigates the licenses found in your source code headers (surface scanning) and our knowledge base with over 600 million open source files will highlight the parts of your project which are found elsewhere around the internet (deep scanning). In other words, we discover the non-original code snippets, image icons and libraries in your software. The end result is an HTML document built with large-scale machine learning algorithms, that reports how good your project scores in regards to open source licensing quality. When something is missing to fix, the report explains exactly how you can get it sorted.

The Company

TripleCheck is the company behind the open source tooling for evaluating code originality and the growing ecosystem of contributors, partners and adopters revolutionizing the way licenses are discovered, packaged, and understood by end-users.