PileLAT 2014 - Design and Analysis Software for Single Piles under Lateral Loading

from Bo Xu
Company Name: Innovative Geotechnics Pty Ltd
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The Product

PileLAT 2014 is a finite-element based program that analyzes the behaviour of single piles mainly under lateral loading based on p-y curves. Various p-y models are provided by PileLAT 2014 for cohesive soils, cohesionless soils and rocks including massive rock (Liang et al. 2009) and calcareous rock. One of the important advantages which PileLAT 2014 has over other pile lateral force analysis software is that it also has the capability of calculating pile settlement under compressive axial loading based on the automatically generated t-z curves along the pile shaft and q-w curve at the pile base.

The Company

Innovative Geotechnics is an Australia-based company with the aim of researching and developing geotechnical engineering design and analysis programs. Innovative Geotechnics provides innovative geotechnical design tools for deep foundation problems such as single piles or pile groups under lateral and vertical loads. The design team in Innovative Geotechnics includes the registered professional geotechnical engineer with strong background in both research and practical engineering design field. Our services also include after-sales technical support and program maintenance. We offer free technical support to the customers who use IGEngSoft programs such as PileLAT2014, PileAXL 2014 and PileROC 2014 in the pile foundation design and analysis.