from René De Vleeschauwer
Company Name: IKAN
Product Categories:
  • Software & SaaS
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
  • VAR
Target Markets:
  • North America
  • Western Europe

The Product

IKAN ALM- Build, Deploy, Lifecycle and Approval Management Tool IKAN ALM offers a uniquely integrated web-based Application Lifecycle Management platform for both Agile and traditional software development teams. It combines Continuous Integration and Lifecycle Management, offering a single point of control, and delivering support for build and deploy processes (manually generated or automated), approval processes, release management and software lifecycles.

The Opportunity

Dear future Partner, As a leader, you know that no company is ever done working—client relationships can always be stronger, and there’s always room for expansion. Still, finding a model that consistently cultivates fresh opportunities isn’t always easy. At IKAN, we develop dynamic application lifecycle management software to help you and your clients thrive, while creating opportunities for sustained growth. RedBridge, our partner company, is an ISV that specializes in building application lifecycle management solutions for Oracle users. As clients seek fast, lean, and cost effective ways of producing software apps, they’re turning more and more to solutions like ours. A uniquely integrated, web-based LCM platform for both Agile and traditional software development teams, RedBridge combines continuous integration and lifecycle management, offering a single point of control, manual and automated support, build and deploy processes, approval processes, and release management and compliance. In other words, we fill Oracle’s gaps: say goodbye to missing functionalities like versioning and automated deployment, and hello to more flexibility and huge savings. We start where other major versioning systems (CVS, SVN, GIT, etc.) stop. Your clients don’t have to waste time learning new skills—we do all the work on our end. In addition, J Developer and Team Productivity capabilities are fully integrated from the beginning. You’re an Oracle expert—that’s why clients rely on you. Our solution simply accelerates application development for your clients, putting you in a prime position at an amazing value. We offer off-the-shelf solutions for Fusion, OWB, ODI, IDEE, Apex, and more. Of course, Redbridge would only provide consulting or implementation services for your clients at your request, and then through you, never disclosing any confidential information, and avoiding any conflicts of interest. A partnership with Redbridge would produce measurable financial benefits for you, your clients, and IKAN. Your clients would build better apps with fewer resources, and you’d receive substantial product fees and world-class consulting, adding meaningful value to your business. And, we’re always happy with a satisfied client. At your convenience, I’d love to take some time this week to discuss the possibilities of any form of partnership. The model is simple: increased productivity means more savings, and more savings means bigger budgets and new projects. I look forward to speaking soon, and to answering any questions. Best regards, Pierre Bliekendaal CEO