from Damian Malis
Company Name: DietPoint Ltd.
Product Categories:
  • Medical
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
Target Markets:
  • Worldwide

The Product

Ulla is a smart water drinking reminder that attaches to your bottle and glows to make sure you drink water regularly. With its silicone band, Ulla attaches to any water bottle or glass and makes it smart in less than 5 seconds.


Ulla is 100% automatic, requires no smart-phone to work with and has no buttons to push. It automatically activates when it senses you are around. For example, when you come to the table in the morning it will remind you to fill up your bottle with fresh water and take your first drink.


Studies show that over 65% of people in the developed world don’t drink enough water. Our extensive in-house study concluded that most people “simply forget to”. For this reason, Ulla was launched – a handy gadget that makes people pick up their water bottles more often. The human- centric technology behind Ulla helps people develop the habit of regular hydration, which reduces the number of headaches, improves concentration, raises energy levels and even helps with weight management.

The Opportunity

We are looking for distributors and resellers worldwide. 

The Company

Based in Europe.