Wellnexus by Accapi

from Enrico Colombo
Company Name: Accapi
Product Categories:
  • Medical
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
Target Markets:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Western Europe

The Product

These garments, thanks to its natural and endless far infrared emission, improve the circulation of the blood, especially of the peripheral microcirculation, boosting the oxygenation of the muscles and all the body's tissues. It has a heat-regulating action by optimizing the body's temperature in both hot and cold conditions. The improved tissue irrigation helps concentrate muscular power, by improving the performance both when training and during competition and guarantees, thanks to the faster elimination of lactic acid, a more effective response by the body in the recovery phase. It helps to reduce recovery times in situations of minor muscular and tendon pathologies or inflammation and reduces the risk of cramps. Our garments are recommended for all who do physical activity, is the first and only one in the world like a sport Personal Trainer: before, during and after the race. We make other Hi-tech sportswear without Infrareds release. 

The Opportunity

We are looking ONLY for Sportswear / Medical Devices DISTRIBUTORS and RESELLERS in the USA, Central and South America. About Europe we will evaluate case by case.

The Company

The Factory produces in Italy underwear, sportswear and medical devices enhanced by endless Far Infrareds.They improve athletic performance and they can have these effects: pain relief, anti-inflammatory action, antibacterial action, thermoregulatory action, improvement of peripheral circulation, improvement of up-take by the cells of oxygen, vitamins, minerals. Improvement of kinetic drug and dynamic drug. Detox action. In Europe part of these garments are recorded as medical devices in CE.