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from Craig Spence
Company Name: Physio-Control Inc. Australia
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The Product

AED, or automated external defibrillator, are small electronic devices that were designed to allow minimally-trained people to provide lifesaving defibrillation (electric shock to the heart) to victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

Unlike the defibrillators seen on medical TV shows, AEDs are small, lightweight and very easy to operate. They are about the size of a lunch box and have adhesive electrode pads that rescuers attach to the person's chest.

An AED is very simple to use yet houses the same sophisticated defibrillation technology relied on by emergency medical services personnel. 

Not everyone can be saved from SCA, even with defibrillation. But early defibrillation, especially when delivered within three to five minutes of a person's collapse from SCA, does provide the best chance for survival. It's that simple.

The Opportunity

We envision a society in which no person dies suddenly as a result of an acute, treatable medical event.

Last year 30,000+ Australians died of out of hospital cardiac arrest.

You can help us achieve our Vision as a Physio-Control Distributor. 

We invest in our Distributor’s to significantly grow your business through our partnership by providing access to effective marketing collateral, content, education, benefits and support.

We have a Distributor Benefits Package, to bring your business tools to assist your sales process and your business. We have leveraged our buying power to bring our Distributors many benefits:

For your Customers:

· Flexi payment plan option for your customers when purchasing AEDs

· AED Insurance plan for your customers

For your business:

· Great profit margins on the sale of our LIFEPAK Products

· Marketing Collateral that is editable to input your own contact details

· Physio-Control Assets Library (an online portal full of product and cardiac arrest scenario images for your own marketing collateral and website)

· Marketing Makeover Program (optional) – a Physio-Control sponsored initiative to assist you grow your business through effective marketing strategies via an external Marketing expert. ( including:

* A 50 minute one on one marketing makeover consultation

* A host of webinars and educational videos to build your business

· Our LIFEPAK Advantage online sales training – a host of tools and AED sales training videos for your sales team

· The Physio Control online University – part of our education portal providing online in-servicing on our products for your team and customers to access and keep updated on the features, operational procedures and benefits.

For your Employees

· The Physio-Control Corporate Private Health Insurance Plan for Distributors by HCF

· The Physio-Control Distributor staff Travel Club Discounted travel partner.

All this and more can be found at our Physio-Control Distributor Drop Box portal.

Additional resources:

· The link to our AED and other videos is @

· Our Product PDFs and Brochures can be found @ www.physiocontrol.


· Our Clinical Education portal @ 


We represent the largest Defibrillator manufacturer and sales globally of any Defibrillation company.

(Approx. 50% of all defibrillators globally are Physio-Control)

A statistic recently released – Every 15 minutes somewhere in the world, someone’s life is saved by a Physio-Control device. 


We strongly believe we have the best most reliable AED on the market. An endorsement from you is a positive step in solidifying a strategic partner in Physio-Control.

Craig Spence

Aust | NZ, Business Development Manager

Workplace & Community : Public Access Defibrillators

Physio-Control, Pty Ltd.

The Company

60 years ago we introduced a medical device that launched an industry. Today we continue to set new standards for the design and manufacturing excellence of lifesaving tools for lifesaving teams in and out of the hospital.

Physio-Control. The world leader in the development, manufacture, sale and service of external defibrillator/monitors and emergency medical response products and services.

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