from Joseph Gauta, MD
Company Name: Frontier Medical Innovations
Product Categories:
  • Medical
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
  • Sales Agent
Target Markets:
  • Worldwide

The Product

The patented GStirrup was developed by a physician to solve a problem that he was experiencing in his office.  Many gynecologists, urologist, reproductive endocrinologists and urogynecologists around the world are moving procedures from the hospital or ambulatory surgery center to their offices.  The physician saves time/makes more money and the patient is happy because they save money and have their procedure in comfortable surroundings.  There was no product on the market that would safely, comfortably and economically position patients in the office.  The GStirrup does this.  The GStirrup fits on any exam or procedure table that the physician already has and installs in seconds without tools.  

The Opportunity

Profile of the ideal partner


Frontier Medical Innovations  is looking for a distributor or a suitable strategic partner

- if a distributor

·         have direct access to the relevant market segments (see below)

·         has own sales or a reliable distribution network

·         can sell a relevant quantity within the target market

·         will sign a distribution contract with binding quantities / turnover

- if a manufacturer or strategic partner

·         be willing to add the GStirrup to its product portfolio

-  like a distributor

-  Private label

-  OEM

-- Licensing

·         will sign a co-operation contract with binding turnover (or similar economic advantage)


We are open to discuss various forms from Global Distribution, Licensing/OEM and beyond.


Target Market Segments


The target market are OB/Gyns, Urologist, Reproductive Endocrinologists, Urogynecologists, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeons, Colon/Rectal Surgeons, Plastic Surgery, Mobile Anesthesiologists, Laser Hair Removal Centers, and Clinics that specialize in gynecology or urology.   

The Company

Frontier Medical Innovations is a privately held company.  Our focus is to develop tools to help the physician's office run more efficiently and profitably.


PO Box 112285

Naples, FL 34108


Susan Gauta

Director of Marketing